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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the first 42 days after birth important?

A: Ayurveda says that the first 42 days after birth influence the next 42 years of a woman’s life affecting her wellbeing, her health and her ability to mother and partner. 

When a mother is born, she goes through an initiation, regardless if it is her first baby or tenth. Just like her newborn baby, she too is vulnerable, open and receptive from this transition that her body, mind, and spirit have just gone through.  In Ayurveda, this time is referred to as a Sacred Window. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is referred to as a Golden Opportunity. Within these first few weeks after birth a mother has the unique opportunity to choose the path of deep rejuvenation or the path of deep depletion, depending on the type of food she eats, her level of rest and lifestyle practices she integrates during this time. 

Postpartum recovery rituals help women to renew themselves, balance hormones and even heal constitutional weaknesses from pre-pregnancy. It is an opportunity to completely reset the body, when given the proper support.

Q: How soon after giving birth can visits start?

​A: Abhyanga can be started the day of birth unless a mother has had a cesarean, in which it is best to wait at least 7-10 days before beginning abhyanga. It is recommended for the next 42 days after birth.


Q: Is there a difference between a standard postpartum massage and a postpartum abhyanga?

A: The postpartum abhyanga is a very gentle full body treatment using repetitive and soothing strokes to help distribute warm, herbalized oil deep into the body, circulate the energy, and strengthen the postpartum body for faster healing. 

It is considered more of an oil therapy, focused on calming the nervous system and nourishing the skin and tissues, rather than focusing on the muscular system. If you are looking for a deep tissue or even a Swedish relaxation massage this is NOT it. In one treatment, up to 8oz of organic oil is used, and is also why this type of treatment usually comes at a bit of a higher price point then a standard massage.


Q:  Is there a minimum amount of abhyangas that you would recommend during the first 6 to 8 weeks after birth?

A:  In Ayurveda, it is recommended that a new mom receives daily abhyanga for the first 42 days after birth. Something magical happens when a mother receives a consecutive amount of abhyangas in a short period of time, the benefits are compounded and she sees greater results in her recovery. Simply put, do what you can. One is better than none, but the more abhyangas the better.


Q: What is the best way to schedule my sessions?

A: To receive the most benefits from postpartum abhyanga I highly encourage my mama clients to schedule their visits as close to the birth as possible, as well as close together.  For example, a package of three becomes far more effective for a new mother if treatments are scheduled all in one week versus once a week for three weeks.  


Q: Do you provide services like light housekeeping, childcare for older siblings, and infant care? 

A: Although there are postpartum doulas that do provide these services, my particular work is on caring for the mother through Ayurvedic restorative body care methods. However, I always have time for newborn cuddles if mama needs some hands free time while I am there. 

Q: How long is a typical in-home visit?How long is a typical in-home visit?

A: To accommodate the needs of the baby and mother our time together is not strictly governed by the clock. Home visits are roughly between 2 to 3 hours.


Q: Do you use organic herbs and oils?

A: Yes, I only use organic oils. Herbs are either organic or wildcrafted. 

"Being there to support a new mother in those early weeks is more than just about nourishing her body. 

It's about nourishing her spirit. It's putting an anchor in that moment of time, honoring the devotional love 

and strength of a mother 

and bearing witness to the magic of life."

Marisa Mar