Raven & Ritual

Release emotions. Nurture the heart. 

Anyone who becomes pregnant requires postpartum recovery. 

Postpartum refers to the period of time after any pregnancy whether it as come full term or not. 

Nurturing care after experiencing a loss whether through miscarriage, abortion or a stillbirth is an important component in a healthy recovery. 

When the cycle of birth is interrupted the body requires essential time and protocols to heal.

The specific blend of herbs used in this treatment are strengthening,  have an affinity for the womb 

and assist the body in removing sorrow. 

A Ritual For Loss

I offer this gentle treatment as a way to acknowledge an experience that, for some, isn't always talked about or given the space and time to recover. These experiences often go unseen and unheard, leaving many women feeling alone in the process and continuing on with day to day life without a pause. Just like in the postpartum time, the body requires restoration and a time for healing in order fully rejuvenate, prevent hormonal imbalances and depletion. 

Unless you have a set time that you need to be finished our time together is not strictly governed by the clock. 

We let the body guide us. Sessions are roughly up to 2-2.5 hours.

Full Body Warm-Oil Therapy

Also known as abhyanga in Ayurveda. This gentle and restorative treatment uses specific herbs to warm and strengthen the body and uplift the heart.

Ayurvedic Belly & Womb Massage with Herbal Belly Paste

A gentle, warm application of special herbalized oil is applied to the entire abdominal and womb area incorporating flower essences and marma therapy followed by a warming Ayurvedic belly paste.  

Helps release emotions while bringing warmth, comfort and nourishment to the skin and surrounding tissues. 

Herbal Bath Soak

A herbal bath blend, decocted and strained ready to be poured into a warm bath or to be used as a foot bath.

You have the option to have a foot bath in the treatment room while sipping tea or to take home to use at your convenience. 

Choose between 1 or 3 ritual recovery sessions. 

Single session $115

Three recovery sessions $100 per session