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Postpartum Ritual Box

This recovery box contains principles to help you increase  

 your vitality after birth, while offering the vibration of beauty and love to your self-care ritual.

Boxed are made to order. 

Giving a gift? Option to include a personalized message in the box for a special mother or mother-to-be. 

Step into motherhood with rituals that rejuvenate and celebrate the body with this  Postpartum  Ritual  Box. 

$70 plus PST
 Box Includes: 

*Fresh Organic Ghee from Grass-fed Cows (280g)

*Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath/ Full Bath Blend

*Sweetwater Hydration & Lactation Tea (57g)


Postpartum recovery practices are essential to a mother's vitality and well being, for her baby and her family. 


Bringing rejuvenating rituals into her care can help a mother become more deeply rooted in this sacred time allowing her to experience it more fully and supporting her transition into motherhood. 

Postpartum Herbal Bath Soak

Oatstraw, calendula, lavender, plantain and comfrey. Soak in a warm bath or use as a sitz bath or foot soak while resting or breastfeeding. All organic.

Sweetwater Lactation Tea
 This mild Ayurvedic tea warms the body, is rejuvenating and supports digestion and lactation. Contains fenugreek, fennel and rose petals. All organic.
Ghee- a magical oil for the postpartum time
Made fresh with organic, cultured butter. Ghee (clarified butter) supports digestion and elimination, boosts the immune system, is rich in nutrition, relieves dryness, stabilizes mood and helps bring balance within the body during the postpartum time. To be added to teas and meals during the first 6 to 8 weeks.
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