Raven & Ritual
  • Women were designed to mirror the rhythm of the natural world, it's in our blood.  

    Integrating our cycles and changing nature into our lives is 

    something we were meant to do. 

    It's a simple, yet profound act of affirmation from a woman to the world that her

     very nature is real and right.

Women's Circles

My workshops and women's circles invite you into the awakening of your own Menstruality and the practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness, a powerful resource that supports your wellbeing and growth. 

Learn the language of what so many women feel, but don't have the framework to name or validate those experiences and receive a monthly medicine that offers a direct route to resetting your body, mind and spirit. 

Girls Circles

I want girls to know that getting your period doesn't mean some scary change of doom and gloom is coming her way, but rather a special rhythm that will give her access to different gifts and strengths, making her as dynamic and exciting as the four seasons of nature.

"There's nothing I can say to you that you don't already know, deep in your bones. 
Your understanding of natural cycles and the power that lies within them is already within you.

 At a time when our world needs great change we need to be fully awakened to our potential. 
I believe harnessing our cyclical nature and claiming what our bodies need is a part of leading that change."
Yours in Ritual,