Raven & Ritual

Helping you Reclaim the Practice of a Slow, Restorative, Intentional Sacred Postpartum

Birthing a baby is a powerful rite of passage, whether it is a mother's first of fifth child.

 It is a time for deep rest, nourishment, stillness and the witnessing from one's community.

 It's an honour to help you on the journey. 

"After birth, there's a sacred window of time, a time for complete rejuvenation of a woman's physical, mental and spiritual health. The first 42 days set the stage for her next 42 years. "

Ysha Oakes

Your body is designed to thrive after birth. Postpartum recovery rituals help women to renew themselves, balance hormones and even heal constitutional weaknesses from pre-pregnancy. It is an opportunity to completely reset the body, when given the proper support.

I care for mother's in the Greater Victoria region.

Locations outside of this can be discussed. 

‚ÄčEach visit is provided in the comfort of your own home within the first 6 to 8 weeks after birth.

 Home visits are roughly between 

2 to 3 hours.

When booking multiple visits, 

a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your spot.

 Deposit is used as a credit towards your ritual package. 

All prices include travel and taxes. 

Soul Nourishing. Deeply Restorative Ayurvedic Postpartum Body Care.

Makes a beautiful postpartum gift for yourself or another.


Ritual 1 


Honour your body from head to toe with a 90 minute Ayurvedic warm, herbal oil scalp and full body massage, also known as abhyanga . Ayurveda considers abhyanga to be an essential component in postpartum recovery. 

Uses up to 8 oz of organic, handcrafted herbal oil infused with restorative and strengthening herbs specific to the postpartum time.  

The postpartum abhyanga is a very gentle full body treatment using repetitive and soothing strokes to help distribute the herbal oil deep into the body, circulate the energy, and strengthen the body for faster healing.

Includes an Ayurvedic tea that supports immunity and helps balance the postpartum body. 

Provided in-home

Choose from one, three or six visits. 

To maximize the benefits from the recovery sessions, visits are typically

 scheduled as close to the birth as possible and close together. For example, three visits back to back or six visits broken up

 to do three in a row one week and three the next is far more beneficial than visits scheduled once a week. 

Ritual 2 


Experience deeper healing after birth with the essentials of Ayurvedic postpartum body care rituals - abhyanga, herbal bath soaks and belly wrapping options. 

Each visit begins with a warm, grounding herbal tea followed by a 75 minute Ayurvedic warm herbal oil, scalp and full body massage (abhyanga),  includes a herbal bath soak, as well as belly wrapping options. Also provided is an additional tea to support lactation and digestion. 

Includes one Ayurvedic herbal belly paste treatment made with warming spices to nourish the skin, a jar of fresh organic ghee (an optimal food source for a strong postpartum recovery) and an Ayurvedic herbal treat. 

Provided in-home.

Choose from one, three or six visits. 

Services can be customized. Contact me for details. 

In Sanskrit, the word "Sneha" can be translated both as  oil and love. It is said that saturating the body in oil is akin to being saturated in love, bringing deep feelings of stability, warmth, and comfort.